MDNR Partners with Treecycler to Plant Trees in MI

Aug 14, 2012


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Aug. 6, 2012


Contact: David Neumann, 517-335-0981 or Ed Golder, 517-335-3014



Treecycler helps forest fans ‘plant’ trees in Michigan


If there were a way to plant a tree in Michigan’s state forests from the comfort of home and without ever having to lift a shovel or spend a single dollar, chances are most residents would do it. Now, thanks to a Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) partnership with Treecycler, they can.


The DNR is working with Treecycler (, a new platform where consumers team up with their favorite consumer brands to plant trees as part of reforestation projects around the world. Treecycler has also built a strong social media presence on Facebook through which people can find and redeem tree-planting codes.


In Michigan, Treecycler dollars will go toward restoration, expansion and maintenance of red and jack pine communities and to maintain habitat for the endangered Kirtland’s warbler.


“We are actively working to change the notion of what it means to ‘donate to a cause,’” said Aaron Kinsman, with Treecycler. “Donations are usually only considered when we have extra money, and in today’s tough times not too many folks have a lot of extra money.


“We wanted to connect the opportunity to ‘do good’ with actual commerce, so that the opportunity would be free to the consumer,” he explained. “We determined the best model would be to partner with the most reputable folks around the world who plant trees, and then attract both users and brands to the program.”


Right now, there are two ways to find valid tree-planting codes:

  • Visit the Treecycler “code” page at and “like” the Treecycler page; or
  • Visit and play Forest Find – an easy game in which the viewer has to spot three differences between two similar photos.

Once a code is uncovered, the finder takes it to the Treecycler website to learn about partner projects and choose where the tree will be planted. From that point, it’s easy to share the news on Facebook and encourage other friends to plant trees, too.


“Treecycler's forestry partners benefit through added exposure of their tree planting projects and from the funds they receive from Treecycler,” said Bill O’Neill, chief of the DNR’s Forest Resources Division. “Every time a user redeems a code and plants a tree for Michigan’s reforestation projects on the Treecycler website, Treecycler allocates funds for that seedling to Michigan’s account. We get a check once a quarter and then send receipts for the cost of planting the seedlings back to them.”


So far, Kinsman said response to the program (which launched in April 2012) has been positive, swift and, at times, emotional.


“Since opening the site, we have been thrilled by the deeply personal response we’ve had from all of our Treecyclers,” he said. “Many folks go through the process quickly and simply say 'thanks,’ but others choose to dedicate their trees to loved ones or victims of natural disasters."


“The appeal of trees is universal and the environmental impact is profound,” he added.


Treecycler is a fun and simple way to partner with your favorite brands to plant trees in reforestation projects around the globe. Look for Treecycler codes on mail, products and select locations online. These codes can then be redeemed to plant trees around the world. Learn more at