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Forest Pests & Disease:

Asian Longhorned Beetle on Michigan's Invasive Species Watch List

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Found in Michigan 

Boxwood Blight Found in Michigan 

State Repeals it's Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine

Autumn Leaf Discoloration Causes

USDA Warns Against Asian Longhorned Beetle (aka ALB)

Good-guy Fungus to Take on Sudden Oak Death Pathogen

What's Up With the Trees? - Michigan State University Extension

Nonnative Beetle Threatens an Entire Family of U.S. Trees

Bad Year for Gypsy Moth - June 23, 2017

Elm Trees Attacked Early in Season by European Elm Flea Weevils

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Interior Quarantine Enacted (pdf)

Creepy, Orange Fungus Attacking Junipers

Losing Michigan's Hemlock is a Real Possibility

Persistence of Oak Wilt - MSU Extension article

Tiny Insect Poses Huge Threat to Black Walnut Trees

Spruce Diseases & Infestations - What to Do About it?

What to do with Gypsy Moths?

Wright State Biologist Finds Emerald Ash Borer Feeding on Trees Other Than Ash

MSU Extension Reports on Recent Landscape Tree Issues

          - Locust Leaf Miner Causes Roadside Tree Browning

          - Black Dots on Maples: Tar Spot

          - Fallen Oak Branches the Work of the Oak Twig Pruner

          - Oak Wilt: Diagnosing and Preventing

          - Fire Blight in Crabapples

MSU Extension Gypsy Moth Homeowner's Guide

Root Rot Attacking Christmas Trees

Beware This Invasive Threat:  Oriental Bittersweet


Tree News:

Researchers Develop Blight-Resistant American Chestnut Tree

Chestnuts Making a Comeback in Michigan

New Tip Sheets for Planting Urban Trees from MSU Extension

Neat Tree Facts from the Arbor Day Foundation

New Emerald Ash Borer Research - Bad News for Trees, But Good News for Woodpeckers?

Mowing Leaves into Your Lawn Brings Green Returns Next Year

Recent Study:  Street Trees = Measurable Real Estate Value



School Garden Grants

Nature Works Everywhere Grants

Michigan DNR Provides Free Programs for Classrooms

How to Create Unstructured Outdoor Play Spaces for Children

Environmental Education Gets Support from Congress

WKAR's 'Curious Crew' Makes Science Fun for Kids

Discover Trees with the Treetures

Be a Plant Hero!


Useful Tools:

EPA Tools for Schools - Assessing Indoor Air Quality

New Technology Aids in Planning Urban Tree Planting

Find Firewood Near You

Updated DNR Invasive Species Website

My Land Plan - A Resource for Forest Landowners

MDARD's Qualified Forest Program is Here to Help Private Forest Landowners


Misc. Articles:

USDA Launches "Bee Watch" Live Camera

Video: How Forests Make Lives Better


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Press Releases
06-Dec-18 5th Grade Arbor Day Poster Contest
05-Dec-17 DNR Announces 2018 Forestry Grant Recipients
28-Nov-17 5th Grade Arbor Day Poster Contest
20-Oct-17 Disease-Resistant Beech Trees Planted at Ludington State Park
16-Aug-17 Michigan Educators - Bring Wildlife Programs to Your Classroom
14-Aug-17 DNR, DTE & ReLeaf Michigan Announce Tree Planting Grant Awards
14-Apr-17 Celebrate Arbor Day With Us
10-Apr-17 Poster Contest Winners Selected
22-Mar-17 ITC Supports Michigan Arbor Day Alliance
21-Mar-17 Please Leave Wildlife in the Wild
16-Mar-17 Board of Water and Light Supports Michigan Arbor Day Alliance
06-Jan-17 Michigan Residents Asked to Check Trees for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
30-Dec-16 Enjoy Winter with a 'Shoe Year's Day' Hike
13-Dec-16 DNR Seeking Tree City USA Applications
07-Sep-16 DTE Energy Foundation and DNR Fund Over $71,000 in Tree Planting Grants
15-Aug-16 DNR Announces 2017 Community Forestry Grants
14-Apr-16 Creative Writing Contest Winners Announced
01-Apr-16 Tree Planting Grants Now Available
27-Jan-16 ITC Supports the Go Green Youth Challenge
18-Jan-16 Consumers Energy Foundation Supports Arbor Day
04-Jan-16 2016 Go Green Youth Challenge Begins Next Week
15-Sep-15 Consumer Advisory: Beware Scams for Black Walnut Trees
18-Aug-15 Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Found in Ottawa County
15-Jul-15 Oak wilt 'risk' window is closing, but don't move firewood
07-Jul-15 2015 Tree Planting Grants Available
12-Jun-15 Heavy Spruce Budworm Damage Expected This Year
23-Apr-15 Tree Planting Grants Available Through DNR/DTE Partnership
20-Apr-15 Arbor Day Celebration This Friday
16-Apr-15 DNR Advises Caution to Prevent Oak Wilt Spread
01-Apr-15 MI Arbor Day Alliance Receives 2015 Arbor Day Award
11-Jul-14 DNR Advises Caution to Prevent the Spread of Oak Wilt
18-Jun-14 Tips for Handling Snake Encounters
20-Mar-14 Forest Legacy Program Enrollment Now Open
27-Nov-13 DNR Offers Osprey Education Programs for Classrooms
18-Apr-13 New Record for Tree City USA Certifications!
26-Mar-13 DNR to Host Arbor Day Events Across the State
14-Aug-12 MDNR Partners with Treecycler to Plant Trees in MI
30-Nov-11 Trees Found to Improve Air Quality & Human Health
28-Nov-11 National Ash Seed Collection Initiative
21-Nov-11 New Water Stewardship Website Launched