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Michigan Arbor Day Alliance believes in the importance of providing access to environmental education.  We are able to offer a few materials free of charge. You may download the PDF versions below and make additional copies. If you would like to receive a hard copy by mail please send us an email,  Currently, we also have Michigan Habitat posters available. Send an email if you would like to receive one.

We are proud to announce the availability of Michigan Arbor Day Alliance (MADA), FREE, rentable Trunks.  The purpose of the environmental education trunks is to allow educators in Eaton, Ingham or Clinton County the opportunity to rent a trunk for a period of time to supplement their existing classroom materials.  Trunk materials will provide educators with the opportunity to offer hands on learning, curriculum ideas, games, art projects and more.

Below are the available materials for free through MADA. Click on the links to open a PDF version of the document, to view lesson plans, or to view the videos.

Elementary School Educators

Michigan Forests Forever Teachers Guide



Forest Stewardship Lesson Plan (Kindergarten)

Maple Syrup Lesson Plan (Kindergarten)

The Wonder of Wood Lesson Plan (4th-5th Grade)

Wood Products Identification for Primary Students (K-3)

Seasons of Trees Lesson Plan (1st-4th Grade)

Uses of a Tree Lesson Plan (1st -2nd Grade)

Trees and their Parts Lesson Plan (2nd-3rd Grade)

What Can a Leaf Be? (2nd-5th Grade)

The Giving Tree Lesson Plan (3rd Grade)

Leaf ID and Leaf Bingo (3rd Grade)

Tree Growth Lesson Plan (3rd Grade)

Tree and Leaf Terminology (3rd Grade)

Making the Forest the Best it Can Be Lesson Plan (5th Grade)

Make Your Own Paper

Tree Ring How To (Activity) 

Animal Cootie Catcher 

Tree Leaf Cootie Catcher 

Plant Trees for Bees

MADA Rent-a-Trunk K-5

Leaf Chromatography Video

Video: How Do Trees Survive In Winter?

The Dirt on Dirt- Sid the Science Kid (PBS)

SCIENCE EXPERIMENT: Why do leaves change color?

Forest Fact Break Video: Ecosystems

Working Trees Coloring Book

Tree Word Search

Exploring How Water Travels Through Leaves

Middle School Educators

Michigan Forests Forever Teachers Guide

Forest Fact Break Video: Tree Biology


Adopt a Twig Lesson Plan (6th Grade)

Tree Products Scavenger Hunt (6th Grade)

Seed Plants: Angiosperms Lesson Plan (6th-8th Grade)

Seed Plants: Gymnosperms Lesson Plan (6th-8th Grade)

Wood, Wood Everywhere Lesson Plan (6th-9th Grade)

How Appropriate is that Tree? Lesson Plan (7th-9th Grade)

It's All in the Rings Lesson Plan (7th-10th Grade)

Leaf Collection Project (7th-8th Grade)

Timber Harvesting: A Civic Debate, Day 1 (8th Grade)

Timber Harvesting: A Civic Debate, Day 2 (8th Grade)

Plant Trees for Bees

Tree Ring How To (Activity) 

MADA Rent-a-Trunk 6-8

Video: How Do Trees Survive In Winter?

SCIENCE EXPERIMENT: Why do leaves change color?

High School Educators

Michigan Forests Forever Teachers Guide



Forest Management Techniques Lesson Plan (9th-10th)

History of a Cookie Lesson Plan (9th-12th Grade)

Selecting Trees for Urban Environments (9th-12th Grade)

Tree Leaves: Determining the Characteristics They Share in Common Lesson Plan (9th-12 Grade)

Forest Products Lesson Plan (11th-12th Grade)

Plant Trees for Bees

Video: The Most Amazing Thing About Trees

Lichens and Air Quality Monitoring

Environmental Education

Workshops and Programming

Michigan Agriculture and Environmental Education Workshop (August 5, 2019)

National Environmental Education Week  

Project Learning Tree

Don't Move Firewood

The Lorax

Project WILD

Project WET

Project FISH

Michigan Sea Grant

Michigan Water Stewardship Program

Cornell Bird Academy

Aldo Leopold Foundation

Salmon in the Classroom

Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education

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