Arbor Day
Celebrating the beauty of trees


Join us April 27, 2018 to celebrate Arbor Day!

We are busy planning and preparing for the 2018 State Arbor Day Celebration at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, MI.  Over 1,100 second and third graders from the mid-Michigan area are expected to attend! Students rotate among hands-on natural resources activity stations and spend the day outside celebrating Arbor Day. The event will take place from 10:00am to 2:00pm.


Photos from previous State Arbor Day Celebrations, to view more photos click here.


Invitation to Attend Arbor Day

If you are a second or third grade teacher in Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, Jackson, Ionia or Shiawassee county, the Michigan Arbor Day Alliance invites you to register for the opportunity to attend this year's State Arbor Day Celebration!  Invitations will be officially mailed to schools in November, but if you feel your school is not on our mailing list feel free to fill out and mail the Registration Form below.  Also, be sure to contact us at so we can be sure you're on our list for next year.

Note:  Due to the limited capacity of this event, not all registered schools will be able to attend.  Schools are selected by a random drawing. 


Invite Letter

Classroom Registration


Registration Forms are due by January 8, 2018!



Arbor Day Promotional Toolkit

Michigan Arbor Day Alliance depends on our partners to help promote Arbor Day to their networks and throughout their communities. You can help us spread the word by:

  • Sharing your event. If your community is planning an Arbor Day event, tree planting or workshop about trees let us know! We will gladly publicize your event. Send a press release with photos (if available) to Videos are another great way to share your event!
  • Linking to from your website.
  • Announcing Arbor Day in your print or email newsletter, listserv, blog or website (sample announcement provided below)
  • Downloading the Arbor Day Event Toolkit. We have created a toolkit designed to help you organize your own Arbor Day Event. Download Toolkit and Resource Samples
  • Posting a Arbor Day web ad on your website with a link to Two layout options are available: right click and select "Save Image As..." to download the square image or horizontal image below.

If you plan to help promote Arbor Day, please let us know how you will be using the available promotional tools by sending an email to

Sample Arbor Day Announcement:

Michigan Arbor Day Alliance invites you to celebrate Arbor Day with us.

Healthy trees in our communities improve our environment. In addition to the visual impact of trees, tree canopies and root systems provide a natural filter to our water supply and reduce storm water runoff, flooding and erosion. Trees are good for business. Research shows that consumers respond positively to shopping environments with healthy urban forests. Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. Active living is one solution to turn back this trend. Tree lawns contribute to perceptions of more walkable streets, which can promote more physical activity in children and youth. These are just some of the many benefits trees provide for our communities. Whether you live in an urban or rural setting trees are part of your community.

Michigan is home to a wealth of natural resources. Trees are one such resource that can act as a symbol for stewardship. The simple act of tree planting exposes youth and adults to a hands-on sustainable development practice. Individuals witness a change being made environmentally and for the communities they live in. As said by Lucy Larcon, "He who plants a tree, plants hope."  Recognizing the importance and value of connecting to our natural resources, Michigan Arbor Day Alliance invites you to celebrate Arbor Day.

10 Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day

  1. Plant a tree.
  2. Volunteer with a local tree planting organization.
  3. Visit a local, state or national park.
  4. Help your community organize an Arbor Day event.
  5. Volunteer with your local school and read a book to children about trees.
  6. Start recycling your junk mail.
  7. Convert your financial statements to e-statements.
  8. Learn about trees. Read a book, attend a workshop or research online.
  9. Switch to resuable containers for drinking coffee. You can also purchase Rainforest Certified Coffee.
  10. Take a tree walk and photograph your favorite trees.




A BIG Thank You to all our partners and sponsors who make the State Arbor Day Celebration a success: Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Eaton Conservation District, ITC, MSU Federal Credit Union, Ingham County Parks & Rec., Potter Park Zoo, Adams Outdoor Advertising, Forestry & Public Service-City of Lansing, Consumers Energy, Lansing Board of Water & Light, Van Pines Nursery, Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association, Metropolitan Forestry Consultants, Inc., the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs, and the Michigan Humanities Council, and Williams Farm Machinery.

We would also like to thank all the volunteer presenters and their organizations for making the State Arbor Day Celebration a wonderful event!